A Seven Day Sailing Itinerary Around St. Martin

A Seven Day Sailing Itinerary Around St. Martin & St. Barths

When thinking of cruising vacation, probably the first thing that comes to your mind is Caribbean – and no wonder. The Caribbean region is simply created for island hopping cruises.  If you charter a yacht, you have freedom to decide where you want to sail or what you want to see. Moreover, you can make spontaneous decisions, such as staying longer in a place you like although you have not planned it before. There are many great itineraries perfect for one- or two-week-long yacht charters. In this one as well as in the following posts we will present you some of them.

This in an exemplary  7 – Day Charter Itinerary: St. Martin – St. Barths – St. Martin:

Day 1

Your cruise starts at Marigot port on St. Martin. Marigot is a capital of the French part of the island. We recommend you spend some time there as the city is known for two things: excellent shopping sites and historic architecture. If you are not interested in duty-free luxury shopping in places, such as West Indies Shopping Mall, you can find many wonderful hand-crafted good at the local markets located in the neighborhood of the harbor. However, this is also the place where you can buy delicious fresh fruit and vegetables which you can relish later during your cruise. Then, you can sail to one of the most beautiful beaches of the French part of St. Martin to have a picnic and watch the sunset: Happy Bay or Grand Case. The first one is known for its stunning natural beauty – you will find it tranquil, unspoilt and very romantic. Grand Case is famous for its exuberant atmosphere as well as a great amount of bars and restaurants. Choose the one that suits your preferences and anchor there for the first night aboard.

Day 2

Start your day with sailing to the spectacular deserted island of Tintamarre, which is surrounded by the breathtaking blue lagoon. Prepare your snorkel gear and spend some time exploring the rich aquatic environment of the region as well as the shipwreck of Spanish Galleon. Then sail an open sea to the famous St. Barths, anchoring for the night at the Colombier Beach, also known as the “Rockefeller’s Beach” which charms with its naturalness. It is a perfect place for an evening picnic and socializing with the locals.

Day 3

Spend some time hiking in the region of the Colombier Beach. Climb the hill for a wonderful view of the neighboring islands as well as blue lagoon of the Caribbean Sea. Then, sail to the St. Barths’ Gustavia harbor. Gustavia is a charming village, where you can have a pleasant evening stroll. You can also visit the historic ruins of Fort Gustav.

Day 4

Start the day with renting a scooter and discovering the stunning beauty of St. Barths. The island is very popular among celebrities so keep your eyes open J Visit all the wonderful coastal villages, such as St. Jean and Corossol, white-sand beaches, such as spectacular Saline Beach and Governor’s Beach as well as try the delicious local cuisine.

Day 5

We recommend you spend the fifth day of your cruise on practicing watersports in the blue lagoon and reef that can be found in the Nature Reserve of Saint-Barthélemy. This marine reserve has excellent diving sites, such as Kayali. The reserve is known for its stunning natural beauty and exceptionally diverse aquatic flora and fauna.

Day 6

Leave Gustavia harbor early in the morning. If you want, you can stop for a moment on charming Ile Forchue. It is a picturesque and hilly islet, where you can spend some time hiking and swimming in tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. Then anchor at Simpson Bay located on the Dutch side of St. Martin. Spend the rest of the day discovering this part of the island. Do not forget to do some duty-free shopping.

Day 7

It is a last chance of a morning swimming and snorkeling. Then, sail to Marigot and remember to return your yacht by noon.

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