Relaxing holiday in Martinique

Relaxing holiday in Martinique


Martinique is a wonderful place to spend a cruising vacation in the Caribbean as you can find there numerous attractions. First and foremost, Martinique is known for its extraordinary atmosphere which

combines both Caribbean and French influences. The island offers you breathtaking landscapes, tropical forests, hiking trails, white-sand beaches, but moreover, it is surrounded by an exceptionally turquoise and clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Sailing along Martinique’s coastline as well as visiting nearby islands and islets is a wonderful holiday idea. You will see, that it is a place where you can find an ent

ertainment of any kind. Moreover, Yachtoo offers you a lot of catamarans and monohulls available in the scenic port, Plaisance du Marin, located in the northern part of Martinique called Le Marin. Plaisance du Marin is a wonderful place to start your cruise as it enables you to visit many historic sites that are located in the neighborhood. One of them is the Habitation Clément, a renovated 18th

century house of a notable rum producer, Homère Clément. The building is really impressive but it is not the only attraction in this area: the adjoining land is transformed into a spectacular botanical garden; and there is a still-working distillery located nearby – you can taste the local rum on spot. Moreover, we highly recommend you visit other historic buildings situated in the region of Le Marin, such as the old church called Église du Marin or a library.

martinique-490845_1280While visiting Martinique, you cannot omit the capital city, Fort-de-France. This wonderful city offers you plenty of attractions as it is full of architectural and cultural treasures as well as astonishing landscapes. When you are in Fort-de-France, you cannot omit buildings, such as the Palais de Justice, Romanesque Bibliothèque Schoelcher, and the Cathédrale Saint-Louis. What is more, Fort-de-France is known as an amazing city for shopping. Nowhere in the Caribbean can you find that many boutiques of the most notable French fashion designers. We also recommend you visit at least one of many markets located in each city in Martinique -you can find there local hand-made products, such as beautiful jewelry or ceramiisland-101030_1280cs.

If you desire to find yourself at the bosom of nature, the astonishing Balata Botanical Gardens are located within a short distance from Fort-de-France. They are known for extreme diversity of tropical flora and fauna.

Another city that is worth-seeing when you are in Martinique is Saint-Pierre. It is built at the foot of an active volcano called Mount Pelee. The view of the bay and the volcano will surely take your breath away.

sea-101027_1280If you charter a luxury boat in Martinique you also cannot omit the scenic Caravelle Peninsula and the impressive Butterfly Garden in Le Carbet. You will see for yourself, that while visiting Martinique you have a chance to indulge yourself into numerous activities: hiking in tropical forests, diving near shipwrecks, paddling in the lagoon, sightseeing beautiful cities – and these are only a few out of many. A yacht charter in this spectacular part of the Caribbean will satisfy even most sophisticated demands.

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