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List Your Yacht and Motorboat with Yachtoo

Yachtoo is a global Yacht Charter company with its headquarters in London, UK and a operations office in Miami Florida, USA. We provide a online portal were boat owners and customers looking to charter out yacht can meet. Currently we have over 1,700 boats listed in our database and charter out hundreds of boats just like yours a year. is highly ranked in all search engines globally so it is very easy for customers to find the type of boat they are looking for directly from there searches. We have all types of boats from Luxury Catamarans to sailing yachts, large motorboats and small speed boats. So don’t lose out and list your boat today we have customers looking for a boat just like yours!!

rescue_boat_iconSo What Can Yachtoo Offer You If You List Your Boat

  • We will promote your boat for free
    • You will be able to create your own profile for as many boats you would like to promote, add photos add important information plus apply any last minute discounts.
  • Earn Money fast
    • You will be able to earn money from direct bookings as soon as a confirmed booking is done.
  • Manage your fleet
    • With our online booking platform you will be able easily able to manage your fleet by updating your bookings, pricing and calendar.
  • Verified Guests
    • We do the verification for you so we know who is booking your boat and allow them to book easily and securely.

Speed BoatSo… How Dose It Work?

1. Add Your Boat.

First you need to crate a profile for all of your boats. Add as much important information about your boat can including high quality photos.

2. Add your free charter periods and price

For each boat profile you need to now add to the calendar which periods your boat is free to charter, including prices. You can also add any additional services such a skipper or a cook.

3. Manage Your Boat.

Now it will be easy to manage your bookings add blackout dates or apply any last minute discounts.

4. Start Making Money.

After confirmed bookings money will be transferred directly to your account as our platform allows guests to pay easily and securely.

We have more then 500 boat owners add fleet operators worldwide which trust in Yachtoo.

MoneyIt’s Free and Easy

Listing your boat with Yachtoo is free and easy and we only take a percentage which you set your self from the charter fee ONLY when their is a confirmed booking. You can start to earn income which will offset any dockage fees, scheduled maintenance or upgrades. Boat owners have made over $5,000 a month through Yachtoo So why not list your boat today. Our helpful staff are waiting to help you with any questions or support you would need.


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Why List Your Yacht With Yachoo

Yachtoo is willing to help you improve your position. It takes only a few steps to make your yacht visible for a wide group of our users. Please, contact us and then upload your boat to the portal.

The service is completely free to add and advertise your boats, we only take a percentage of commission after a confirmed booking. The percentage of commission is event set by your self’s within the portal once you add your boats.

The more details you give us, the easier it makes to find a person interested in your boat. Moreover, if you offer some extra facilities, it makes your yacht more attractive. Thus, when you are entering your boat into the portal make sure you include all you can offer.

  • Upload pictures of your boat which you want to offer for charter. Capture many different sides of the boat’s exterior and interior and make sure pictures are of the best quality.
  • Create a proper description of your boat; include all the information on the model, its condition and equipment.
  • Number all the extra facilities you can offer to your quests, for example:
    • The basics, such as: skipper, cook, cleaning service, as well as the super extras, such as: organizing special events (birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc.). Many guests extremely appreciate the possibility to spend such special days aboard, so if you are able to help with their organization, it is a great advantage. Moreover, it lifts the charter price of your boat.

Again, remember to provide as much information as you can. It is really important to your potential guests and significantly increases the chances for your boat’s charter.

Presenting your yacht on Yachtoo portal enables you to be decisive about changes in the calendar, creating special offers, and setting up the prices.

Yachtoo is a prestigious website, which attracts charterers from all over the world. If you choose to collaborate with our staff, you will get any help you need. You can be also sure that your boats get the necessary promotion.

Below, we present you a video tutorial of how to add a boat to our portal:

Add your yacht 1

Add your yacht 2

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