A Ten Day Yacht Charter Around the Cyclades

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10 Day Sailing Itinerary in the Cyclades

Lavrion – Kythnos – Serifos – Siros – Delos – Mykonos – Andros – Kea – Lavrio

Day 1

Start your cruise in Lavrio Port. Lavrion (or Lavrio) is a wonderful city, so we recommend you spend there the rest of the day. Visit Lavirion District Mines, which are the ruins of old silver mines and the Mineralogical Museum of Lavrio. Lavrion is also full of charming restaurants and cafes, so you can spend an evening in one of them.

Day 2

Set off early towards your first anchorage in Cyclades, a lovely island of Kythnos. Moor in the scenic Ayias Irene’s cove, which is an alternative to the always-busy Loutra Harbor situated nearby. Spend the rest of the day exploring the island by a rented car. Visit the beautiful historic town of Chora and go to hot springs in Loutra. Stay for the night in the lovely Ayias Irene’s cove.

Day 3

Visit the beautiful island of Serifos. Anchor in sheltered bay of Agios Sostis, which is less busy than the main port in Livadi. Spend the day exploring this wonderful island: go to the Serifos’ capital, Chora Serifos which is known for beautiful architecture and hilly landscape.

Day 4

Plan an early start and sail east to the island of Siros, where you can moor in the Ermoupolis Harbor. Ermoupolis is a charming city itself, so we recommend you spend the rest of the day sightseeing.

Day 5

Sail east to the small island of Delos. Delos is a must-see when visiting the region as it is a vast archeological site. The island is believed to be a birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. We recommend you go to the Theatre, the Sanctuary of Apollo, the Sacred Lake and the Terrace of the Lions. Sail to the nearby Mykonos in the early evening. Anchor for the night at the lovely Ornos Bay and enjoy a late dinner at one of the beachfront restaurants that can be found there.

Day 6

In the morning, sail to Tourlos port and spend the day sightseeing, visiting interesting places, such as the Aegean Maritime and the Archaeological Museums.

Day 7

Sail slightly southwest to the beautiful island of Andros. Throughout most of the time, you will be passing the scenic coastline of the neighboring Tinos. Anchor in the area of the lovely Tis Grias To Pidima Beach near Ormos. You can spend the rest of the day either sightseeing or relaxing on the beach and swimming.

Day 8

Set off early to your last stop at the Cyclades, Kea. Moor in Korissia, which is a charming port and city. Spend some time hiking or biking in the nearby region. You can also rent a car or a motorbike if you prefer. Kea has very diverse landscape, so you will see hills, scenic sheltered beaches and luxuriant olive gardens. The most popular attraction of Kea, the Lion of Kea statue can be found in Kea Town located  only a few kilometers south-east of Korissia. In the afternoon sail along the coastline to the spectacular Poleis Bay which will be your anchorage for the night. Poleis is considered to be the most lovely marina in the entire island. Spend the evening eating dinner at one of its excellent local restaurants.

Day 9

Give yourself a day of pure relaxation. Sail north to Otzias Beach, which offers you many attractions. Swim, sunbathe, eat and cherish the last day of your yacht charter in Cyclades.

Day 10

Get back to Lavrio Port and disembark by noon.

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