Ten Day Sailing Itinerary Around Guadeloupe & Antigua

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A Ten Day Sailing Itinerary Around Antigua & Guadeloupe


Day 1

Rent a yacht from Jolly Harbour, situated on the west side of Antigua. Jolly is a beautiful place itself; so we recommend you spend some time there. Go to a seashore restaurant for a great fresh seafood meal and buy provisions. There are a lot of market stalls located in the harbor, so you can easily get delicious fruit and vegetables. Enjoy a Caribbean drink in one of the beach bars located in the neighborhood while watching the sunset.

Day 2

Start the day with sailing north to the capital of Antigua and Barbuda, St. John’s. St. John’s is known for wonderful architecture – you cannot miss Saint John’s Cathedral and as the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda. Then, visit the ruins of Fort James, which located on the hill, offers you not only a fascinating history lesson but also a spectacular view of the entire city.

Day 3

Depending on what kind of entertainment and holiday activity you prefer, visit other magnificent places in Antigua: Dockyard or Indian Town National parks for hiking or biking experience in the bosom of beautiful tropical nature, Dickenson Bay for great surfing. Indian Town National Park is a place, where the astonishing Devil’s Bridge is located. It is a large rock formed in a shape of an arch (or bridge) with extremely rough waters underneath. Anchor for the night at one of Antigua’s charming bays.

Day 4

Set off early and sail north to reach Guadeloupe. Your first anchorage will be in a lovely village of Deshaies located in the northern part of Basse-Terre. Have a dinner in one of the waterfront restaurants and admire the sunset over this charming place. Remember to exchange the currency from Dollars to Euro!

Day 5

Start the day with visiting one of the major attractions of Guadeloupe, Deshaies Botanical Garden. The variety of flora and fauna that you will find there is completely stunning. Have a lunch in a restaurant with a view of the scenic waterfalls. Then, sail to Pigeon Island, where the fascinating Jacques Cousteau’s Underwater Reserve is located. Anchor for the night at Plage de Malendure on Basse-Terre western coast.

Day 6

Spend the morning swimming and snorkeling in the blue lagoon. Eat a fresh lobster in a waterfront restaurant with a beautiful view of Pigeon Island. Then, visit amazing Zoological and Botanical Park located just ten-minute drive from Malendure. Then, sail north and spend the night in the spectacular Gwada Marine.

Day 7

Sail along the coastline up to the capital city, Pointe-a-Pitre. Spend there the rest of the day enjoying a late dinner in the neighborhood of wonderful park called Place de la Victoire.

Day 8

Start your day early and set off to a scenic coastal village, La Gosier, known for breathtaking landscapes. Then, visit the impressive Aquarium de la Guadeloupe located nearby.

Day 9

Spend the morning swimming and snorkeling, and then do provision shopping in one of Pointe-a-Pitre wonderful markets. You will probably be tempted to buy some hand-crafted goods as well.  Sail back to Antigua and anchor for the night at English Harbor.

Day 10

If you start your day early enough, you will be able to make a quick visit to a Nelson’s Dockyard National Park located in the English Harbor. Plan this contingent trip wisely as you are supposed to disembark at Jolly Harbor by noon.

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