Island Hopping Cruise in Picturesque Guadeloupe

The yacht charter in Guadeloupe gives you a chance to spend an exciting island hopping adventure in the beautiful Caribbean

Guadeloupe consists of two major islands: eastern Grande-Terre and western Basse-Terre, which are located close to each other. The main islands as well as the smaller ones, such as Marie-Galante, La Désirade, Terre-de-Haut or Terre-de-Bas have much to offer, especially when it comes to exploring the beauty of tropical nature.guadeloupe-798906_1280

Yachtoo offers you many catamarans and monohulls available for charter in this astonishing region of the Caribbean. Among them, you can find famous models, such as Catamaran Catana 47 Carbon Infusion, Lagoon 450, Helia 44, Sun Odyssey 50 or Lipari 41. All of these boats are ultra-comfortable and innovative to make your cruising vacation safe and carefree.

If you decide to rent a yacht in Guadeloupe, your port will be located in the capital city, Pointe a Pitre on Grande-Terre. Pointe a Pitre is known for its amazing architecture and breathtaking views. When you are there, you should visit a picturesque park called Place de la Victoire, which is a wonderful place for a stroll or a rest among chirping exotic birds a and colorful trees. Place de la Victoire is surrounded by the most exuberant streets of Pointe a Pitre, which are full of restaurants, cafes and shops. One is not able to pass indifferently next the beautiful design of all the charming buildings located along the streets near Place de la Victoire. There are also many interesting museums, such as the Museum Schoelcher and the Museum Saint John Perse.

Just outside Pointe a Psand-1171803_1280itre you can find a charming coastal town named Gosier, where you can see many tropical plants and animals in Aquarium de la Guadeloupe. Moreover, Gosier is known for breathtaking landscapes.

In picturesque city of Sainte Anne located on Grande-Terre as well, you will find astonishing beaches and historic architecture. If you are a fan of sunbathing, you should also visit a little village called Port-Louis and go to charming Plage du Souffleur. When you are on Grande-Terre you also cannot omit the spectacular La Pointe des Châteaux which is a short peninsula from which you can get a wonderful view of the neighboring islands.

When it comes to Grande-Terre’s sister island, Basse-Terre, it offers you many nature reserves in which you can admire the diversity of tropical flora and fauna. We especially recommend you visit a spectacular Guadeloupe National Park, where you can indulge yourself in hiking, biking or horseback riding but also just relaxing in the bosom of nature. You also cannot omit the impressive Jardin Botanique de Deshaies and Zoological and Botanical Park as well as the fascinating Archaeological Gardens.

A luxury yacht charter in Guadeloupe guarantees you a vacation full of adventures and surprises. Fans of water sports will surely feel like they are in paradise as in this part of the Caribbean seam they will find many fascinating diving sites or perfect spots for snorkeling or kitesurfing. Boat rental is the best way to explore Guadeloupe; if you do this you will not be disappointed!

Charter a Yacht in Guadeloupe

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