Bareboat, Skippered or Fully Crewed Charter: Which one is perfect for you?

Yachtoo offers you yacht charters that suit every needs. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a licensed sailor, whether you are sailing with your family, friends or on your own – we will surely find you a perfect boat. Choosing Yachtoo, you get a chance to sail around the most scenic and cruising-friendly regions of the world. These are the waters of the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the Andaman or the Coral.  Chartering a yacht in one of these regions enables you to explore places, such as the British Virgin Islands, the Balearics, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Thailand or the Whitsundays. To help you make the decision on which type of charter you should choose, we would like to discuss in details the three most popular ones: bareboat, skippered and fully crewed:

Bareboat Charters

Bareboat charter is the perfect choice if you are an experienced sailor with a valid license. Such option gives you much freedom as in this case you are the master of a boat and you are to control every aspect of sailing. It includes skippering the boat of your own, boat-828659_1280keeping your companions safe, planning an itinerary and dealing with all the hardships that can be found on your way. Although navigating a boat is a tough physical work and much responsibility, it can give you an extreme satisfaction and excitement. Skippering a boat in challenging weather conditions and anchoring in poorly protected places can make you a better and more skillful sailor. Another advantage of going bareboat is that you get a maximum privacy as you are sailing with your guests only.

Skippered Charters

Skippered charter is an option for these who do not have much experience in skippering a boat or you do not feel confident sailing in particular region. It is also a great choice if you are planning a relaxing and carefree cruising vacation. Navigating a boat on your own can be stressful and demanding; it needs you to be constantly focused. At the same time, you have less time for your family or friends and for other activities that you will find onboard or even inland.

Fully Crewed Charters

Fully crewed charter is an excellent choice for people who want to spend an ultra-comfortable and luxury sailing vacations. This type of charter offers a complete crew which is at your service throughout the entire cruise. The crew may include not only a skipper but also a cook, bartender, cleaning service, hostesses, servers, security guards and whomever else you desire to invite. By choosing fully crewed charter you have a chance to spend a purely relaxing vacation without a thing to worry about. Thanks to your devoted staff, you have anything to do but relax aboard a top-class private yacht.

As you may see, Yachtoo offers you private charters of all types so that you could choose the one that suits your personal preferences and sailing abilities. Check our website to browse through thousands of boats all around the world as well as special offers and discounts. If you are a boat owner offering a bareboat, skippered or crewed charters, you can list your boat on Yachtoo in just a few easy steps.

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